Rack Armour Introduction

Have you ever thought about just how much time, effort and money it costs you to replace damaged pallet racking?

Rack Armour is an innovative rack protection device which signifies a departure from old methods of upright protection.

Rack Armour – so strong, so simple

Rack Armours strength is in it’s simplicity – it simply clips onto your existing or new racking without the need for further fixings and quite simply, it works!

We know you’re busy, we know you’re budgets are tight and we know Rack Armour can work for you too.
Benefits of Installing Rack Armour:

  • Made from Ballistics Grade Plastic – No rust, no dents and has the ability to reform after impacts
  • No fixings required – no drilling in to your floor, faster, easier and simple to install
  • High visibility colour as standard – is easier to see thus reducing the likelihood of impacts occurring
  • Available in Red and Green colours – for fire exits, safety equipment or traffic management systems/one way routes
  • Fits all types and makes of racking – no special profiles required and can be transferred between different types of racking. Only Small, medium or large are required
  • The guard has a rounded shape with a high density polyethylene outer deflector and a tough foam inner diffuser – impacts are more likely to be deflected and any forces are diffused throughout its length
  • The guard is only 100 mm wide when installed to standard racking – absolute minimum bay and aisle intrusion so as not to reduce your safe operating clearances
  • The guard can operate down to – 40C – Extremely tough materials where you need to get in and out fast

Rack Armour Features

Rack Armour aims in the first instance to avoid impact from occurring. Its conspicuous colouring and shape provides a clear indictor to Mechanical Handling Equipment operators for their safe operating boundaries.

In particular, whilst MHE operators’ central vision is concentrating on loads at height, the Rack Armour enhances its position in the peripheral vision, thus reducing the major cause of chronic damage to Racking Uprights.

The external ‘deflector‘ component is made from ballistics grade High Density Polyethylene. The curved shape gives this component a low friction coefficient with high deflecting properties.

The same design principles used in sloped armour on Battle tank turrets together with load distributing abilities of an arch bridge make this component the key element in its strength. Unlike some other rack protection products Polyethylene has ‘persistence of shape‘ which means when Rack Armour receives an impact, it has the ability to return to its original shape.

The simultaneous deflecting and diffusing action of the deflector will greatly reduce the impact forces from being transmitted to the vulnerable front and lateral faces of your racking uprights.

The internal ‘shock diffuser‘ component is of such a shape and form so as to provide a flush interface between the internal profile of the ‘shock isolator’ component and the various types of external profiles of different manufacturing types of racking uprights.

The ‘shock isolator‘ component encapsulates the front face and portions of the lateral sides of the upright. This component is manufactured from closed cell polyethylene foam, a very tough and durable material.

The shape, mass, density and internal structure of the shock isolator has such properties so as to induce inertia and an exaggerated path to shock forces.